Paris already done with latest "boyfriend"

I don't know if any of you keep up with Paris's love life anymore, or even really care, but for all you men who still fantasize about having "One Night in Paris," she's apparently back on the market:

Paris Hilton has dumped hunky Swedish toyboy Alex Vaggo — because he’s “too shy!”
The man-eating hotel heiress gave him the boot a week after smitten Alex gushed how he was falling for her. A source close to Paris said: “She loved his good looks, but she gets bored very quickly, and he was just too shy and quiet for her. She likes bad boys.”
And after being seen partying with Kid Rock in Toronto, Canada, Paris said: “I’m single. I’m way too busy for a boyfriend.”
Alex, 20, met Paris, 26, in LA as he backpacked around the US. She showed the would-be model around Hollywood and he met her parents. He is back in Sweden.