BritBrit's Old Friends Want You To Boycott Her Album Until She Stops Fucking Up

According to

A slew of people who used to work with Britney Spears — a bodyguard, a backup dancer, a makeup artist — and old friends have teamed up to create the Be Proactive to Help Web site, an effort to boycott Spears’ upcoming Blackout until she changes her ways. “Our message is simple,” one of the organizers tells E! Online. “Don’t buy her stuff until she’s better.” Concerned fans can visit the site to find a list of ways to help the cause, from contacting Spears’ record label to her management — all of whom the group blames for Spears’ current situation.

Well guys, that's really sweet, but I think you've failed to comprehend that Britney doesn't give a shit. Homegirl is gonna be on drugs until the end of time so I don't think it's fair that I don't get to enjoy her addictive poppy pop music in hopes that one day she'll change.