Blind Items By Ent Lawyer

If you aren't aware of the blog Crazy Days And Nights already, you need to check it out. It's written by an "Entertainment Lawyer" in Hollywood who represents some really big celebrities. Basically this guy has the inside scoop. I've been reading him for over a year and he's only gotten better with time.

Here's two of his blind items:

#1 You know the singer with all of the towels? Well it turns out this singer plans her bathroom visits in advance. Ten minutes before she needs to go, she tells a member of her staff to clean the entire bathroom, especially the toilet and to make sure there are candles lit and music playing. She does this even when she just has to pee.

#2 This aging former A list film actor's best friend is his ex-wife. Neither his current wife or his ex-wife's current husband are thrilled that the pair often spend an hour or more a day on the phone talking, chatting and laughing. It has got to be so bad, that now they only talk when their respective spouses aren't around.

#1 is Mimi MooMoo Mariah Carey fo sho. She's on a whole different level with the high maintenance thing. #2 is a toughie. Thoughts?