Britney runs over pap's foot with her car...Yawnnn

Britney Spears got intimate with a TMZ photog yesterday -- she ran over his foot!

Video Here

It happened -- ironically -- as Spears was leaving a Bev Hills medicial building.

With one hand attempting to cover her freshly acquired Jolie-esque sized lips, Spears attempted to exit the parking lot in her Pumpkinmobile while using her other hand to steer. As she tried to make a quick left, paparazzi right by her side, Spears' tire ran over our sandal-wearing photog's foot. Spears stopped the car, trapping our guy for what must have seemed like 4 hours. Ouch!

Spears looked shocked once she realized what she'd done ... but didn't get out of the car to see if he was okay. Our photog went to the emergency room and fortunately, nothing was broken. But, in tire terms, it has not been a very Good Year for our guy. It's rough out there!


Is it me or has this happened before? Multiple times? HIRE A DRIVER!