Rihanna and Josh Hartnett: Confirmed Couple?

Uh oh kiddies. Guess this one wasn't just a rumor. MediaTakeOut just released these pictures, taken yesterday, of Josh and Rihanna on what appears to be a date.

The Report:

Last week we told you that a few mainstream tabloids were reporting that Rihanna was dating actor Josh Hartnett. At first we didn't believe it, but now MediaTakeOut.com can officially confirm that the two ARE A COUPLE.

A person close to Rihanna told us that the two have been dating for a little more than a week. The insider explained, "It's so early ... they're trying to keep it a secret for now, but [Rihanna] is really feeling Josh."


Not that I don't dig Rihanna, but Josh Hartnett is uber hot, and I don't know if I'm prepared for him to be off the market again. Also, where's Shia? Did RiRi leave the Lebeufster for Hotnett? ::Sigh:: I guess only time will tell.