Brokeback Mountain 2?!! NOT A JOKE

I really did not believe this when I read the headline, but it seems that there is some validity to the Brokeback Mountain sequel rumor! OK! magazine is reporting that Heath Ledger is in talks to do the follow-up film.

Have you ever wondered what happened to Brokeback Mountain's closeted Ennis Del Mar after the heartbreaking loss of his lover Jack Twist? Wonder no more: A sequel is in the works!

Although we won't be seeing hi spal Jake Gyllenhaal, 26, Heath Ledger, 28, is currently in negotiations to reprise his role as Ennis. "It will follow the nasty process of being openly gay in 1963 Wyoming, an insider tells OK!. "Ennis will finally come out of the closet."


While Heath makes a totally drool-worthy cowboy, is a sequel really necessary? They're just gonna ruin the first one. Plus, Jake won't be in it, and for me that is a definite downer.