Lance tried to cheer Britney up by coming out of the closet

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Lance will not be singing "Thank you for being a friend!" anytime soon, according to his Q&A with GQ magazine. Lance said he came out to Britney before anyone because "he felt bad for her." Also, this was the last time the two ever spoke, even though he's tried contacting her and they're neighbors in Beverley Hills. Oh, Lance - why am I smelling press-hungry coming from your direction?

About his reveal to Britney, Lance told GQ, "It was the night of her first wedding, actually. I was in Vegas with her, her dancers, her manager, and my boyfriend at the time . . . Her manager had already gotten rid of [her first husband] Jason [Alexander] - they'd flown him home. Britney was upset about what she had done. I felt bad for her. I knew she was about to go through a lot of crap. I felt the need to share something. So I sat her on my bed, and I'm like, Well, I'm gay!"

And, according to Lance, Brit was really surprised. Guess they weren't that close, after all - but don't feel bad, Lance: She's not even taking Oprah's calls at this point.

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What a Bitch!! He tells you he's gay and you just peace out? No one abandoned you when you married Kevin Federline!