Brit-Brit lost the kids..again

Britney Spears’ visitation rights with her children have been suspended, L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon has ordered.
The order on Thursday morning came a day after Kevin Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, called for an hour-long, ex-parte hearing in Federline and Spears’ ongoing custody battle in Los Angeles Superior Court.
A Spears source claims the reason for the suspension of visitation is that Spears failed to be on a required conference call because her court-issued cell phone doesn’t get reliable reception at her Malibu home. The source tells Us that while Spears has a land line, the court “refused to call it.”
But a source close to Federline counters: “Blaming the cell phone is ridiculous. The judge called her in last Thursday specifically to spell out what she needed to do to see her kids, and she didn’t follow the rules outlined. The judge could not have been more clear. I can only imagine that there are numerous ways to reach britney - including a land line.”


At least come up with a better excuse than that Brit-Brit...K Fed is showing you up like it's his job.