Kanye Breaks Down On Stage

This is so unbelievably sad. Following his mother's recent death, Kanye West decided to go on with his show in Paris. When trying to introduce his song "Hey Mama" which he wrote about his now deceased mother Donda West, he broke down in tears and could not go on with the song.

People is reporting:

The night was very emotional for Kanye. During the end of his set, with the riff of Hey Mama beginning, West attempted to introduce the tribute, saying “this song is for my mother….” and could get no further.

Too chocked up, Kanye had started crying.

“He just cracked,” one attendee tells People, “He was at the end of his concert and had just started to dedicate the song and then he just lost it completely.

Adds another attendee, “A back-up singer, the DJ and a guitar player came over to console him. It looked like he might collapse. He just couldn’t continue. He just stood there in a spotlight, crying while the band continued playing.”

The audience, showing their love and support for the rapper, reacted by offering calls of encouragement, which grew into applause.

Overcome by emotion, Kanye left the stage for about 15 minutes and returned to conclude the concert with a rousing performance of Stronger..

His momma would be proud!

“He was very nervous, seemed to have gathered himself up, and had a lot of energy,” one reviewer notes. “He kept shouting out to the audience, ‘I need you… I need you right now.’ and the public was screaming back. It was magic.”

Kanye has cancelled his previously scheduled concert Monday in Amsterdam. He is expected to return to the U.S. and attend his mother’s funeral in Oklahoma City on Tuesday.

West then should be returning to Europe to resume his tour, Thursday night in London.



What The Eff Yo!?

Photo via OhNoTheyDidnt

Somebody please tell me what Hilary Duff is doing with this douchebag again. For real? Aaron Carter? Isn't this the guy that cheated on her back in the day with Lindsay Lohan? Doesn't she realize that he's fugly? Where the fuck is her good looking hockey superstar boyfriend Mike Comrie?!


This Movie Is Going To Be So Disturbing

Look is about the constant surveillance Americans are under and the entire movie is shown through surveillance cameras. Now I'm never going to be able to chance in a dressing room again, great.


Listen To John Mayer's New Song

Image via OrbitCast

John Mayer has posted a new song to his website called "Say." Click HERE to listen!

John Mayer explains the song on his site:

You know, I should probably wait for this to go up on iTunes, but with so much coverage of my worthless non-guitar playing pursuits, I think I owe you all a bit of what I actually DO for a living.

This is a song called "Say", and was written for the upcoming film "The Bucket List", starring the powerhouse acting duo of Nicholson and Freeman. Of course I'm speaking about the great Frank Nicholson and Moishe Freeman, who haven't reunited since the hit '70s sitcom "That '50s Show".

And if you happen to see me in pictures looking as if I'm having the time of my life, just remember that I'm probably actually thinking of something quite somber. So rest easy, superfans.


I really like the song it's sweet.


It's Official: Kids Not Allowed In Britney's Car

K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, was in court today informing the judge that Britney was caught on tape blowing a red light with her kids in her car a few days ago. The judge officially ruled that Britney is not allowed to have her kids in the car with her from now on.

It really doesn't look good Brit. You might as well just give up if this is how you're gonna roll.



Heidi Montag Reads The Bible Front To Back...And Then Poses For Men's Magazines

Heidi Montag from the MTV reality show The Hills is featured in this month's issue of Blender Magazine. As usual she says some really retarded things in the interview:

On the gigantic (and rumored to be fake) engagement ring fiancĂ© Pratt gave her: “It’s at home,” Montag told the interviewer. “I take it off at night because it’s big and I don’t want it getting caught in my hair or scratching my face, and I didn’t have time to put it on today.”

On her career plans: “I’ve always been singing. I’ve been dancing since I was 2—hip-hop, jazz, tap, everything. I was a wicked stepsister in Cinderella. I was a fairy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was Beatrice in . . . an old English play. Acting, singing, dancing —it’s always been in me.”

On how, in addition to her music ambitions, she’s also planning on becoming an award-winning actress: “I also plan to win an Oscar,” she says. “I’m very ambitious.”

On how she’s not a brainless shopaholic: “I like to read a couple books at once. I was reading the Princess Diana book. I’m reading a book about Chicago and the mob. Right now I’m also reading the Bible, beginning to end. I’m very religious. That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am.”


I won't even comment on the Bible remark because we all know that's a pile of horseshit! But I will comment on the fact that she says she wants to win an Oscar. A) That will NEVER happen sweetie. B) You're not really helping the rumors about the show being fake by saying that you are a really good actress.


Britney's Second Video Shoot Halted Due To Positive Drug Test

Image via VipChain

OK! Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears has stopped the filming of her second music video for her song, "Piece of Me" allegedly due to her recent failed drug tests:

As her hand-picked group of dancers and choreographers gathered in a Los Angeles studio Wednesday to begin rehearsals for Britney Spears' latest video shoot, the troupe was hit with some unpleasant news — the beleaguered pop star has shelved the production.

The reason given for the abrupt change in plans? Brit's reportedly failed drug test — which rumors on the internet have chalked up to everything from asthma medication to amphetamines — and her scheduled date in court this Friday, when the video — for her single "Piece of Me" — had been scheduled to be filmed.

Almost as if they had seen into the future, the video's production team had been preparing for Brit's absence from rehearsals, seeking out a body double to stand in for the troubled singer during rehearsals — and possibly during portions of the actual shoot itself. However, it appears that even these precautions weren't enough to keep the video moving forward.

But a source inside Britney's camp is telling OK! a different story about the cancellation. "The video's producer was involved in an accident and is not able to film on Friday," explains a friend of the singer. "They rescheduled it for next week. It's strictly the production company's fault and they are paying to compensate for lost time."

Man. She's almost like Amy Winehouse status now.


BritBrit's Drug Test Shows Positive For Amphetamines

Image via Babble

Although Britney Spears's camp is swearing up and down that this report is not true, TMZ is reporting that Britney's mandatory drug test, which can be administered by the courts at any time, showed that she had amphetamines in her system. For those of you who are not quite sure what amphetamines are, they include drugs such as speed, crystal meth, coke, and ecstasy.

Brit's lawyers are trying to claim that the positive drug test is due to a medication she is taking called Provigil which is used to treat narcolepsy, however it turns out that Provigil would not show up on this drug test and it is also not an amphetamine. She's got some explaining to do.

Ruh roh! Sheeeeeee's fucked.


Ryan May Have Cheated On Reese, But He Loves His Kids

Images via JustJared

Ryan Phillipe carries his kids Ava and Deacon out of LAX trying to shield them from the paparazzi. Ryan recently sat down for an interview with new magazine Man About Town and talked about his tough divorce with Reese Witherspoon:

On being a mess after his divorce from Reese Witherspoon: “After the divorce I was a physical wreck. I wanted to die. I was ready to kill myself. I was not taking care of myself at all. I would wake up and cry and vomit.”

On using his past experiences to now cry on demand: “Now, it’s f–king easy. When I was younger, I didn’t have enough to cry about. But since I’ve had kids, I feel my work has become better, because my life is fuller and more complicated, and I’ve experienced so many highs and lows.”

On why you won’t see him doing any endorsement deals in the near future: “If I see actors doing commercials, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones in the T-Mobile ads now. When I see her in a movie it’s hard to disassociate the two.”

On Elizabeth Taylor and Elton John, who once took him out for tea: “I was sitting there looking at them interact, and I’m thinking, These people have raised millions of dollars to save people. The potential power of celebrity is astounding.”


Although he probably did cheat on Reese and I really like Reese with Jake Gyllenhaal, I feel bad for Ryan. He seems like such a great dad, and those kids are so cute I could eat them!


Minka And John Catch Some B-Ball

Images via JustJared

New couple John Mayer and Minka Kelly, star of television show Friday Night Lights were spotted courtside in Madison Square Garden cheering on the New York Knicks.

Thank God John got out of his relationship with Jessica Simpson while he still could, Minka suits him well.


Thank God For Armani

Image via BGay

According to Women's Wear Daily, soccer player David Beckham will be the spokesman for Giorgio Armani's new Emporio Armani underwear collection in the United States. Apparently Beckham was seen shooting the ad campaign in Los Angeles last week, and the ads will make their debut in magazines this coming January.

That being said, I will be collecting every January issue of every magazine in the United States.


Nicolette Sheridan Has A Bun In The Oven

Image via FemaleFirst

Rumor has it that Nicolette Sheridan, star of the ABC hit television show Desperate Housewives, is pregnant. The father is her fiance, singer Michael Bolton.

FemaleFirst Reports:

A show source said: "She's absolutely glowing and her pregnancy is the buzz of the set."

The 43-year-old actress has been asking her co-stars Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman for advice on pregnancy and motherhood.

The source added: "She kept asking Felicity and Marcia about how the pregnancy would change her appearance and if it would make her hair thinner."

This will definitely be a hot baby.


A Very Young Brad Pitt Pimping Pringles


Vanessa Hudgens's Dad Is Embarrassing, And Kind Of Scary


Ewwwwww Paris!!

Images Source

Paris Hilton + Lipstick on the teeth + Herpes = Not Hot



Image via PlayaHata

Kanye West's mother, Donda West, passed away this Saturday in Los Angeles at age 58. A cause of death has still not been released. Donda was the chief executive of West Brands LLC, the parent company of Kanye's business enterprises, and she chaired The Kanye West Foundation. Donda recently published a book about her son entitled "Raising Kanye: Life Lessons from the Mother of a Hip-Hop Star."

This is very sad news, especially knowing how close Kanye was with his mother. She is mentioned in nearly all of his songs, most notably the track "Hey Mama." Click below to listen.

Kanye WestHey Mama

Update: Sadly, it has been confirmed that Donda West passed away due to "complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure." Kanye was notified of his mother's death upon arriving in London and immediately returned to Los Angeles to be with family members.



What Britney's VMA Performance Would've Looked Like If She Wasn't Psychotic

Man, that would've been a comeback in my opinion. You fucked up bigtime BritBrit!


New Music Alert: JD Clark

For Deuce - live first rehearsal

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This is my friend JD playing an original song, "For Deuce." If you dig and want more, check out his myspace.


New Couple Alert! Kate Hudson and Orlando Bloom

According to OK! Magazine:

Kate Hudson and Orlando bloom were seen kissing at a Halloween Party she threw at her home in Pacific Palisades. The actress didn't care who was watching! Even her ex Dax Shepherd was there.

An insider tells OK! magazine, "Kate and Orlando were talking, drinking and laughing. Then they just started going at it (kissing).

They made out for ages and looked like they were really enjoying themselves. They didn't care who was watching. After that first make-out session, they walked around and talked to everyone as a couple. They were inseparable for the rest of the night."


Shia Out Partying In Chicago

Images via Splash News

I don't know about you guys but I'm kind of likin' his new badboy image. Mucho sexy.


Wanna Know What Britney's Real Singing Voice Sounds Like?

Click HERE to hear some shiteous singing ya'll!


When Will Jessica Simpson Stop Trying To Make Movies?!

Uploaded by IMLX

I'm embarrassed for her.


Lauren And Heidi Spotted Hanging Out!

Image via TeenVogue

Star Magazine is reporting that Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, ex-best friends and now currently well known for their ongoing feud on their reality show The Hills, were recently seen hanging out together.

Star reports:

The Hills stars were seen together the weekend before Halloween getting into Lauren's black Mercedes convertible, which was parked in the garage of Lauren's building, a source tells Star. "They were laughing, hugging and being very affectionate with one another," says the source.

"There were no MTV cameras around," the source adds. "This seemed like the real deal. I saw Heidi coming to visit Lauren at her apartment without her fiancé Spencer Pratt."


Okay that's it! If the infamous feud isn't even real, then this whole show can go to hell. Even though it will pain me greatly, The Hills will be dead to me. I hate being deceived!


Hilary Duff Gives Her Boyfriend A Lap Dance. (Probably To Piss Joel Madden Off)

Image via HilaryNews

This weekend Hilary Duff was seen at New York hot spot Tenjune, drinking "Veuve Clicquot straight out of the bottle," eventually getting wild enough to give her current boyfriend, ice hockey player Mike Comrie, a scandalous lap dance for everyone to see.

The Sun reports:

"She looked nothing like the sweet little Lizzie Maguire she once was as she treated Mike to a series of raunchy lap dances.

"The place was packed but Hilary didn't mind."

Why does the fact that this girl drinks and has sex shock people? Yeah she was on Lizzie Maguire which was a kids show but that was when she was a KID. Guess what? No one is "squeaky clean" in Hollywood, no matter how innocent they may seem. At least she's not a cokehead like Lindsay, or at least not that we know of.


J-Lo Got Very Preg-O Very Fast

Image via BricksAndStones

Holy cow! J-Lo got ginormous! I hope there are twins in there like Perez says.


Mandy And Matthew Getting It On?!

Image via EOnline

First Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong, now it's singer Mandy Moore and Friends star Matthew Perry who have tongues wagging that they are a hot new, kind of odd, couple.

According to PageSix:

Page Six spies were astounded last week when they saw the two on a date at Amici Trattoria in Beverly Hills. One source said, "He was already seated and waited for her for 15 minutes until she arrived. He stood up to greet her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. They were holding hands across the table and being really close and laughing a lot the whole time." Reps for Moore and Perry didn't return our calls or e-mails.

Hey I can see them together...kinda...?


"Lost" Romance Over?

Image via ShowbizVixen

PageSix is reporting that Lost co-stars Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan have ended their relationship. Dominic was seen "crying, holding and kissing a woman who was not Lilly at El Coyote restaurant in L.A. on Saturday." An eyewitness tells PageSix:

"They were right in the middle of the room, they weren't interested in privacy. They looked very intimate. They were nursing margaritas, leaning in, chain-smoking, having intense conversation."

Ruh Roh trouble in paradise??


George Clooney And Fabio Throw Down In A Restaurant

Image via Intouch

On November 2, George Clooney and Fabio got into a heated argument at LA restaurant Madeo.

According to InTouch:

Fabio and a group of women, including a professional photographer, were sitting at a table next to George and his girlfriend, Sarah Larson. According to numerous eyewitnesses, George suspected the woman was snapping photos of him and Sarah, so he asked her to stop. "I thought you were a nice guy," Fabio said to George as he approached the table. "Stop being a diva." Those were apparently fighting words, because George stood up and the fight turned physical.

Apparently the waiters broke it up before the fight got out of hand and Clooney peaced out as soon as he payed for the check. I love Clooney but Fabio would've obviously snapped him in two.


Riley Denies Having A Myspace

Image via InTouch

So apparently, those screencaps that I've been posting of Riley Giles' (aka Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend) myspace are fake, and someone has created a myspace account in Riley's name.

Riley tells InTouch:

"I don't even have MySpace. Someone is obviously pretending they are me. I definitely didn't say any of those things because I don't even have a MySpace account, what a joke!"

Hmm...are we believing him or are we thinking he just wants to get out of trouble for calling Dina a whore of a mother?


Gwen Stefani Pre-Fame


TMZ was somehow able to retrieve footage of Gwen Stefani at 20 years old, before No Doubt became a well-known band. In the video, Gwen discusses the band and how they've been trying to find a manager, all while dressed in a cute little plaid jumper and speaking in a baby voice. Click HERE to watch!


Celine Dion Gone Wacko

Source: Perez Hilton

Is this really Celine Dion? Or is it someone playing Celine Dion on an SNL sketch? Because this cannot possibly be real. Too funny not to watch.


Paul Okenfold Remix Of "Gimme More"

Not only is this song pretty sick but the music video compilation of the old Britney and her dance moves is equally sick.


No Wonder Lindsay Is So Fucked Up!

Lindsay Lohan's parents are both probably two of the evilest people I have ever witnessed in my life. Her mom, Dina, is filming a reality show for E! which will show what a piece of shit mother she is and how she will exploit her children for any price. Now, Lindsay's father Michael Lohan is shopping around a pitch tape for his own reality show, about his quest to save Lindsay and the rest of the World through Jesus. You really have to watch this and watch the whole thing because I have never been so appalled in my life. If I were Lindsay I would cut both of them out of the funding ASAP.


Lindsay's Boyfriend Takes A Dig At Dina

Image via OhNoTheyDidn't

Wait a minute, are Lindsay and Riley moving in together? Also, mad props for totally calling Dina out! Guess Lindsay won't be appearing on that reality show afterall.


Angelina Back To Being A Sexy Bad-Ass In "Wanted"

Uploaded by rfed

Angelina Jolie is one of the only women that can pull these roles off naturally, and James McAvoy is a serious hottie. In other words, I'm going to see this movie! Watch the trailer for Wanted, starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, and Morgan Freeman.


Hot Hilary In FHM

Photos via Egotastic

Hilary Duff is featured in this month's FHM Magazine. I don't know about you guys but girlfriend's lookin fierce in my opinion. I wonder how ex boyfriend Joel Madden feels about these pictures?


Writer's Strike Is On!

As of now the writer's strike is on in Hollywood, causing big problems for all of the sitcoms and network shows that are set to shoot their season finale's soon. Dra-maaa. Click Here to read the latest!


Britney Causes Fights Among Soccer Moms In Parking Lot!

Click above to watch as the mere presence of Britney Spears causes the normal people around her to go batshit crazy! Seriously I think there are about 3 fights going on simultaneously around Britney's car while she tries to back out of a parking lot. True entertainment.


Jake and Reese Trick Or Treating With The Kids

Well I guess this is getting serious if Reese has begun to involve Jake with her kids. Us Magazine has the lowdown on Gyllenspoon's public Halloween date:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon had another PDA-packed public date Wednesday, taking Witherspoon's two children, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, trick or treating in L.A.'s Brentwood neighborhood.

Witherspoon, 31, dressed as a witch; Gyllenhaal, 26, an ape.

"They were holding hands and swinging them in the air as they walked around the neighborhood," adds a witness, who says Gyllenhaal often lifted up his gorilla mask to smooch his Rendition co-star. "Reese was laughing at everything Jake was saying."

As Ava (also in witch wardrobe) and Deacon (dressed as a super hero) ran up to every door for treats, "Reese and Jake waited on the sidewalk and flirted," the onlooker tells Usmagazine.com.

They even started to act like a pair of giddy kids themselves.

"Jake tapped Reese on the butt and then she hit him back — they began running a circle hitting each other!" the witness says. "Then Jake picked Reese up off her feet and she screamed."

Gyllenhaal seemed to play it cool during his first public outing with Witherspoon's children.

“Jake ran up to Deacon with the gorilla mask and pretended to scare him!” the onlooker says. “Deacon laughed.”

He also had a few scares for Witherspoon.

Adds the witness, "Sometimes he came up from behind and nuzzled his big hairy mask into her neck.”

Awww Gyllenspoon!!


Tony Make Up Your Mind!

Photo Source

After going from Carrie Underwood, to Sophia Bush, to Britney Spears, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is apparently back to Sophia Bush. Apparently Romo is smitten with Bush and has already introduced her to his parents. According to Us Magazine:

"She can’t believe it’s happening so fast!" says a Bush friend, adding that the actress, 25, already has plans to fly east to attend ­Romo’s game against the New York Giants on November 11.

Hopefully Tony stays with Sophia for good. I hear Carrie is a bitch and as for Britney, does it really need to be explained?


Milla Jovovich Finally Popped!

Image via Babble

Milla Jovovich, star of films like The Fifth Element, and the more current Resident Evil, gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday morning in LA at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Paul Anderson, director of Resident Evil, is the father of the little girl, whom the couple decided to name Ever. The couple plan to marry at some point in the near future.

Congrats Milla!



Katie Holmes Runs The New York Marathon

Images via JustJared

Katie Holmes was spotted running the New York Marathon early Sunday morning. Her final time was 5:29:58, I'd say that's pretty good for a first-timer! Unfortunately, Tom Cruise was on the sidelines cheering her on with their daughter Suri. I'm sorry guys but I really still cannot believe this has gone on this long. I can't look at Tom the same ever since he went crazy on Oprah and Matt Lauer.



Justin Timberlake Co-Directs New Duran Duran Music Video...And It Features A Britney Lookalike!

Justin Timberlake
co-directed this Duran Duran video for their single "Falling Down." This girl looks exactly like Britney, and even is wearing many of the same clothes (the white fur vest, the hat, the glasses, the black feather vest). Although he has made it clear that he never wants to be with her again because she's fucking crazy, Justin must still be fascinated with his old flame.


Shia LaBeouf Arrested! Nooooooo!

My heart is breaking right now. Actor Shia LaBeouf who starred in this summer's blockbuster Transformers, and who is set to appear alongside Harrison Ford in the upcoming 4th installment of Indiana Jones, was arrested Sunday in Chicago for refusing to leave a Walgreens after appearing rather "intoxicated."

To read the full report from CBS click Here.
I thought he said he wasn't going to drink until after he was done filming Indie? Hope he just wrapped or else Steven and Harrison will be very disappointed in him.


Well I Knew This Part Was Fake!

Image via EvilBeetGossip

More Hills fakery folks!

According to E! Online, MTV is currently holding auditions to be a part of Heidi and Spencer's wedding, which will be featured in an upcoming episode. Apparently, one person has already been cast: Actress Roxy Olin is in final talks to become Heidi's Maid of Honor.

The horror!

I'm glad Heidi will have a Maid of Honor even though she is fake. If they didn't cast her one, who would it have been? Jen Bunney? Pshhhya right!


Vanessa Confirmed For HSM3!

Photo Credit: InStyle.com

Although there were rumors circling that Disney had dropped Vanessa Hudgens due to her nude photo scandal, Vanessa is officially signed on to do High School Musical 3 along with Zac Efron and the rest of the cast who are still in negotiations!

Not only is Vanessa signed on for HSM3, she also has reportedly received a "substantial increase" in pay for the third installment of the Disney franchise!



Kate Winslet Is Gorgeous

Photo Source: CelebUtopia.net

Kate Winslet is one of those people who is gorgeous and then not and then gorgeous and then not again. Well at this point in time she's absolutely stunning posing here at the 16th Annual BAFTA Awards.


New Spice Girls Music Video!!

Source: YouTube

They're bacckkk! Click above to watch the debut of the Spice Girls' new video for their first single, "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)."


Criss Angel Talks About Britney's VMA Performance

Illusionist Criss Angel, star of television show Mindfreak, reveals to Larry King that he pulled out of Britney Spears' VMA comeback performance because she wasn't willing to put in enough effort.

Angel said of Spears:
"I understand what she goes through in her life – she lives under a microscope, and it's unbelievable to see – it's difficult to watch"

"I really feel for her, I want the best for her, I want her to feel complete, and if she's happy with her performance I guess that's what matters," the Mindfreak mentalist said.

As for the VMA performance:
"Everybody loved what we came up with, but it required a tremendous amount of work and dedication that Britney decided to not want to put forth and do something that she felt would be better suited for her," Angel said.

Angel denied ever being romantically involved with Spears, but did admit to boinking Cameron Diaz.



Must See Video!

Little kids in a ballet class dance to Soulja Boy, and it's pretty much amazing. Children who can dance like this make me feel bad about myself.


Paparazzo Kicks Lindsay, So Lindsay's Bodyguard Kicks Paparrazo...In The Balls!

While trying to make a quick exit from a parking garage, Lindsay Lohan was hounded by photographers and just before reaching her car, one paparazzo kicked Lindsay in the leg. Without missing a beat, her bodyguard turned around and kicked the paparazzo square in the balls. I don't understand why Lindsay was kicked in the first place but it's pretty epic footage, check it out.



Hayden And Friends Try To Save The Dolphins

Hayden Panettiere, the 18 year old star of the hit television show Heroes, was recently in Japan to join the fight against their annual dolphin slaughter. Panettiere and a group of friends paddled out on surfboards in an attempt to save a pod of dolphins before they could be trapped and killed by the nearby fishermen. Unfortunately, the fishermen got aggressive towards Panettiere and her friends and the group was forced to return back to shore unsuccessful. Watch the sad scene for yourself above.



Britney Britney Britney, Are You Trying To Look Like A Hot Mess?

There are so, so many things that I want to say right now, but I don't know which one will best encapsulate my feelings about these pictures. Here are a few that I can actually articulate:
  1. What on God's green Earth possessed you to wear this fugly piece of shit get-up? Really, did you design it yourself because that would make a lot of sense it looks like it was constructed by a strung-out crack whore.
  2. Red does not match with pink, honey!
  3. Burn the fishnets. NOW.
Oh by the way, this "costume" is supposed to be Josie and the Pussycats....if Josie was a stripper!


The Scary Contacts Need To Stop Paris. Like, Right Now. Not Sexy.

Photo Credit: BricksandStonesGossip

The scariest part of this picture is that you know Paris is still going to be dressing like this when she's 50. Trust me, that will be terrifying!

Click Here to see why Paris chose to wear this outfit, in her own words of course.


American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks In Her First Music Video

Jordin Sparks, the 17 year old winner of American Idol Season 6, has finally released her first single Tattoo. Above is her very cute music video for the song, featuring a cameo by another American Idol contestant towards the end! Check it out!

I love the song she has an amazing voice. Cannot believe she's only 17.


How Cute Is This?

Photo Credit: OK! Magazine

Saturday Night Live cast-member Amy Poehler and her husband Will Arnett from Arrested Development are featured in the new holiday Gap ad.

OK! Magazine says of the shoot:

"It was literally like a four-hour stand-up routine!" says one lucky person from the set of Amy & Will's photo shoot for their upcoming Gap ad. "They were absolutely hysterical."

When asked what they will be doing for the holidays, Arnett replied:
"We do what we always do — we rent a private jet and go up and then we call all our single friends and we say 'ha ha, how does it feel to be alone at Christmas' and then we dump jet fuel into the ocean — but only where there are endangered species."


Why was Arrested Development canceled dammit?!


Ashley And Lance Seen On Another Date!

Photo Credit: Yuddy.com

People is reporting that Ashley Olsen was seen once again with Lance Armstrong in New York on Wednesday night, this time at the Waverly Inn.

The second I see a picture of them together I will give them a celebrity name. What should it be:

Lanceley or Olstrong?