Hilary Duff Gives Her Boyfriend A Lap Dance. (Probably To Piss Joel Madden Off)

Image via HilaryNews

This weekend Hilary Duff was seen at New York hot spot Tenjune, drinking "Veuve Clicquot straight out of the bottle," eventually getting wild enough to give her current boyfriend, ice hockey player Mike Comrie, a scandalous lap dance for everyone to see.

The Sun reports:

"She looked nothing like the sweet little Lizzie Maguire she once was as she treated Mike to a series of raunchy lap dances.

"The place was packed but Hilary didn't mind."

Why does the fact that this girl drinks and has sex shock people? Yeah she was on Lizzie Maguire which was a kids show but that was when she was a KID. Guess what? No one is "squeaky clean" in Hollywood, no matter how innocent they may seem. At least she's not a cokehead like Lindsay, or at least not that we know of.