George Clooney And Fabio Throw Down In A Restaurant

Image via Intouch

On November 2, George Clooney and Fabio got into a heated argument at LA restaurant Madeo.

According to InTouch:

Fabio and a group of women, including a professional photographer, were sitting at a table next to George and his girlfriend, Sarah Larson. According to numerous eyewitnesses, George suspected the woman was snapping photos of him and Sarah, so he asked her to stop. "I thought you were a nice guy," Fabio said to George as he approached the table. "Stop being a diva." Those were apparently fighting words, because George stood up and the fight turned physical.

Apparently the waiters broke it up before the fight got out of hand and Clooney peaced out as soon as he payed for the check. I love Clooney but Fabio would've obviously snapped him in two.