Lindsay Blohan and her boytoy of the week day are a match made in heaven <3

Well well well, looks like little Ms. Lohan picked another winner! I knew it was bullshit when she announced that she had found a new boyfriend who was really grounded and going to be a really "good influence" on her. Pshyaaaa RIGHT. Riley Giles, professional snowboarder, and fellow rehabber, had been busted for DUI twice and found with an unauthorized prescription of Xanax before admitting himself to the Cirque Lodge rehab facility to get help for his addictions.

Whether or not he actually got help is yet to be determined, but he definitely got him some Lohan, and maybe a few STDs along the way. I give them a week before a) Lindsay dumps his ass, or b) they both stumble upon a bag of coke and a bottle of Vodka, lindsay crashes her car for a FOURTH time, and they both get to revisit the place where they fell in love: the Cirque Lodge. :)